Who we are

We are a diverse and multi-ethnic fellowship of God’s people, growing in love and membership, impacting our community and the world with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

Our 1 Mission:

To present every person in our community mature in Christ.

Our 2 Core Values:

The authority of the Bible

The command to love God and  our neighbours

Our 3 Strategies:

Connect – through welcoming and Evangelism

Grow – by training and worship

Serve – in giving and going

Our 5 year Vision (towards 2020)

Under God, we desire to see our church grow by 8% each year, for the next 5 years.

At St Philip’s we care about:

Being Evangelical in Theology – Grace alone, Bible alone, Christ alone, Faith alone.

Being multi-ethnic/international by being culturally relevant and adapting to the changing culture of our area.

Unity in the gospel and our mission while having diversity in ministry. We are one church but multiple congregations/fellowships each with its own distinctive style/culture.

Growth Groups. These growth groups (Bible study groups) lie at the centre of our ministry.

Love which leads to service. We want to be known for a love that leads to people growing in Christ and as servants to others.

Children. Growth in Christ starts from childhood. Therefore we have a special focus on growing good, effective ministry to children.

Training & sending people into ministry – encouraging everyone to be a servant.

Having an evangelistic focus. We want to grow in numbers to see more people in the kingdom.