Genesis 1-3: “and it was good”

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We’re spending 6 weeks to work through the first 3 chapters of the Bible – thinking about what it means to have God speak to us about his creation in this amazing way.  Across all 5 services in 3 languages, we will be thinking about how Genesis speaks to humanity about our relationship with God, and how that relates to our purpose in this world.

You can download our 6 week study guide here – for use in your growth group or in your personal Bible study time:

Genesis studies

Sermon audio and text will be uploaded here each week (usually by Monday or Tuesday).  we hope you can join us on Sundays or on line!


  1. PART ONE – “And it was good”

(We do apologise for the quality of recording on this first sermon)

Rev. Bruce Stanley

Genesis 1:1-25

Podcast of sermon series

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