Ruth: The best is yet to come

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“Ruth: The best is yet to come”

Over 5 weeks, we will be looking at the book of Ruth – the journey of a woman and her mother in law after the death of their son and husband.  They return to Judah.  Will they be able to survive as two women on their own?  Will God guide them?  Is he in control?  It is a journey that reveals just how amazing God’s plans are – using everyday people to be a part of his incredible plan of salvation for the world.

Sermons can be downloaded below on the Monday after each sermon is preached.

Join us across all 5 of our Sunday services as we study the book of Ruth and find how, under God, whatever the circumstances, the best is yet to come.

We encourage you to download our Bible Study guide as we look at His Word together.


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Week 1: 10th September

Redemption tears. Ruth 1:1-22

Download sermon text (PDF)

Rev. Bruce Stanley


Week 2: 17th September

Redemption refuge. Ruth 2:1-23

Download sermon text (PDF)

Rev. Bruce Stanley



Week 3: 24th September

Redemption redeemer. Ruth 3:1-18

Anna Scott (Anna is a member of our night church congregation and is new to our lay preaching team)


Week 4: 1st October

Redemption joy. Ruth 4:1-12

Jason Smith


Week 5: 8th October

Redemption history. Ruth 4:13-22

Rev. Al James