Citizens of Faith – Genesis 12-50

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Our upcoming sermon series will be continuing our time in Genesis, going from chapter 12-50. In Chapters 12-50 we begin to see that God’s intention is not just to “contain” sin but rather to bring redemption from sin and blessing to the whole world.

Immediately after the people show their rebellion against God at Babel, we meet a man named Abram. God promises to Abram land, to make him a father of many nations and that that through him, the whole world will be blessed.

The rest of the book focuses on the outworking of the promises God makes to Abra(ha)m – through significant challenge and hardship and despite the flawed characters of Abraham and his descendants.

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July 7th | Life’s Downs and Ups | Genesis 40:1-23, 41:1-16, 41-45

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Preacher: Al James

June 30th | God’s Plan in Action | Genesis 37 & 39

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Preacher: Jason Smith

June 23rd | The Culture of God and Jacob | Genesis 28:10-22, 32:22-32

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Preacher: Bruce Stanley

June 16th | Wisdom in action | Genesis 21:1-13, 22:2-19

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Preacher: Al James

June 9th | God’s Covenant | Genesis 15:1-21

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Preacher: Bruce Stanley