Knowing God – The Book of Isaiah

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Our next sermon series concludes our time in Isaiah, from Chapter 40-66. Join us as we get to know our God better, and his great plans of salvation for his people.

Bible Study Guide

November 17th | God of Comfort | Isaiah 40:1-31

Audio (mp3) | Video |

Preacher: Ben Hudson

November 17th | Confirmation Service | Acts 2

Audio (mp3) | Video |

Preacher: Bishop Chris Edwards

November 24th |  God’s Servant | Isaiah 42:1-25

Audio (mp3) | Video | Sermon Text (PDF)

Preacher: Bruce Stanley

December 1st| God of Restoration | Isaiah 49:1-21

Preacher: Anna Scott

December 8th | God of All Nations| Isaiah 56:1-8; 57:14-21

Preacher: Bruce Stanley

December 15th | God’s Favour | Isaiah 60:1-7; 61:1-11

Preacher: Jason Smith