Stage One 2018-2020


Total build cost: $4.8+ million 

Stage one build cost: $888,000

  1. Prepare documents for a Construction Certificate (CC) for the whole development and pay Consultants, Council & Authority fees and deposits. Cost: $126,000 ($126,000 received.) Finalised and paid

  2. Construction of the carpark including entry from Clanalpine St and landscaping.   Cost: $117,000 ($80,000 outstanding. Awaiting funding. Entry and gates completed and paid)

  3. Construction of OSD (On Site Detention) underground storm-water tank & drainage (for carpark)   Cost: $110,000 (outstanding, awaiting funds)

  4. Structurally stabilizing and renovating the old hall for Sunday School & Youth, including new doors and windows and verandah refurbishment. Cost: $173,000 (in progress and paid)

  5. Construction of new toilets adjacent to the hall with adjacent disabled access ramp.  Cost: $170,000 (awaiting funding)

  6. Children’s Playground in front of the War Memorial Hall including ground works.   Cost: $57,000   (in progress and paid)

  7. Perimeter fencing for the whole site. Cost: $48,000 (in progress and paid)

  8. New paving and paths around the Plane tree in the main courtyard.  Cost: $52,000 (in progress and paid)

  9. Air Conditioning War Memorial Hall. Cost: $35,000 (completed and paid)



FUNDS REMAINING IN BANK: $84,000 (tax deductible only)

FUNDS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE STAGE 1: $276,000 in non tax-deductible donations

(Note: Some tax-deductible donations cannot be used until further NON tax-deductible donations have been received.  For every $1 in tax deductible donations, we need to receive $3 in NON tax-deductible donations.)

Giving in Stage One:

Please consider what you can give today, this week, this month, and give as soon as you are able:


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