Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I think of the way I became a Christian as very natural. My mum married a non-Christian man but was determined to raise her daughter as a Christian. So from a very young age she … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

 “I grew up in a Christian family and was happy to attend Sunday School and Youth Fellowship. I started an apprenticeship and gradually rebelled against Christianity. My behaviour changed and I became absorbed in the … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“Before I fully committed to Christianity, I felt no yearning to believe in an afterlife. There’s a misconception that people believe in heaven because they are afraid of the finality of death. On the contrary, … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I grew up emerged in Christian culture. I went to Church on Sunday and attended a Christian school. My understanding of Christianity was ‘be a good person and believe that there is a God’. I … Read More

Lee Beeston

Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“At 15 years of age, I moved with family from the country to Sydney, which we had only ever visited a couple of times. Changing environments from a rural farming setting to a newly developed … Read More

Annual General Meeting 2019

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Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on March 17 at 12:30pm. This is a chance for all of our congregations to come together, celebrate the year that’s passed and look ahead to what’s next … Read More

Girls Night In

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These events are a space for women of ALL ages at night church to meet together, support one another and grow in faith. Girls Night In runs on the third Tuesday of every month, and … Read More

Mark’s Gospel – Jesus is…

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The shortest of the four gospels, Mark is packed full of action, with miracle after miracle, parable after parable, and shows the strength, wisdom and power of God on earth in the person of Jesus. … Read More

FULL ON 2019

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FULL ON is a St Philip’s Eastwood Anglican Church summer youth camp run at Blue Gum Lodge in the Blue Mountains. FULL ON runs in the final week of the January school holidays before Term … Read More