Citizens of Faith – Genesis 12-50

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Our upcoming sermon series will be continuing our time in Genesis, going from chapter 12-50. In Chapters 12-50 we begin to see that God’s intention is not just to “contain” sin but rather to bring … Read More


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“I was always trying to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect Sunday School kid. In year 8, I started realising that my faith wasn’t my own. That year, I went on a … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I became a Christian by going to church and reading the Bible. I only started going to church because I was interested in a girl at that particular church, I was not particularly interested in … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I became disillusioned with the world in my early teen years. I was actually sad and depressed, but no one knew.  At 22 I flew from my home in the UK, to Australia, for a … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“My mum is a Christian and, when I was a little boy, she took me to church with her. That was 20 years ago and, back then, there was no Sunday school in China and … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“The first time I remember remotely understanding the concept of Christianity and who God truly is, was when I was 12-years-old and had been invited to Youth Group at St Phils for the first time. … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I attended St Phil’s with my family and I really loved church as a kid. I enjoyed learning about the Bible and what God’s word meant for our lives. But when we moved to a … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I think of the way I became a Christian as very natural. My mum married a non-Christian man but was determined to raise her daughter as a Christian. So from a very young age she … Read More


Bruce StanleyTestimonies

 “I grew up in a Christian family and was happy to attend Sunday School and Youth Fellowship. I started an apprenticeship and gradually rebelled against Christianity. My behaviour changed and I became absorbed in the … Read More