Current Series

“Kingdom: Vision and Wealth”

6: 3rd September

THANKS GIVING SERVICE (combined at 10am)

Advance the Kingdom: Mark 12:38-44; 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Rev. Bruce Stanley

New series – “Redemption: the Book of Ruth”

10th September

1. Redemption tears. Ruth 1:1-22

Rev. Bruce Stanley

17th September

2. Redemption refuge. Ruth 2:1-23

Rev. Bruce Stanley

24th September

3. Redemption redeemer. Ruth 3:1-18

Anna Scott (Anna is a member of our night church congregation and is new to our lay preaching team)

1st October

4. Redemption joy. Ruth 4:1-12

Jason Smith

8th October

5. Redemption history. Ruth 4:13-22

Rev. Al James