Current Series

“Revelation: Victory”

15th October

1. “Past, Present and Future.” Revelation 1

Rev. Bruce Stanley

22nd October

2. “The 7 letters.” Revelation 2:1-11, 3:7-22

Rev. Al James

29th October

3. “The 7 seals.” Revelation 6:1-11, 6:12-7:4

Rev. Bruce Stanley

5th November

4. “The 7 trumpets.” Revelation 8:1-13, 9:1-16, 13-16, 11:15-17

Jason Smith

12th November

5. “The 7 plagues.” Revelation 15:1-8, 16:1-17

Rev. Bruce Stanley

19th November

6. “The Final Victory.” Revelation 19:11-21, 20:1-15

Rev. Al James


26th November

7. “New heaven and new earth.” Revelation 21:1-8, 22:6-21

Rev. Bruce Stanley

3rd December

Compassion Sunday. Join us as we hear about the work of Compassion Australia and hear what od has to say to us about having compassion on those in need.

Guest Preacher: Paul Beeston


Next Series: “God’s Plan” – The gospel of Luke