The St Phil’s staff are a diverse team of men and women who seek to serve Jesus by helping the people in our community mature in Christ.

Bruce Stanley

Bruce has been the Senior Minister of St Philip’s since 2015. He oversees the ministry of the whole Church, and also pastors the 8am and 9:30am English speaking services. Bruce is married to Heather and they have 3 children – Flynn, Jonah and Asher. He completed his Bachelor of Divinity at Moore College in 2001. Bruce previously served as Rector of Waitara Anglican Church for 9 years.

Contact: [email protected]

Peter Chung

Peter is the locum part time pastor of the 11am Cantonese service. We are currently seeking to employ a pastor for this service.

Raymond Leung

Raymond is the pastor of the 9:30am Mandarin service which began in February 2016. He is married to Jessie and they have a son, Christopher. Raymond completed his Bachelor of Theology at Moore College in 2009.  Raymond speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Contact: [email protected]

Christine Yang

Christine is our part time pastoral worker with our Mandarin speakers, focusing on young adults and evangelism. Christine has worked around Sydney for several years and has more recently worked in Beijing with CMS and with the Alpha course. She completed her Bachelor of Theology at Sydney Missionary Bible College in 2008.  Christine pastors our 5pm Mandarin service.  She speaks Mandarin and English.

Contact: [email protected]

Jena Um

Jena is our Korean families pastor with our new 11am Korean service which began in December 2019.  Jena has Theological degrees from Seoul Jangsin University and Wesley Institute.  Jena has 2 children.  Jena speaks Korean and English.

Joe Hong

Joe is our Korean worship pastor with our 11am Korean service which began in December 2019.  Joe completed his Theological training at Hanyoung Theological University.  He is married to Youngjin and they have 3 children.  Joe speaks Korean and English.

Jason Smith

Jason is our Children’s and Youth ministry co-ordinator. He oversees all of the regular children’s programs, our Friday night youth group and youth small group networks. He also teaches and coordinates SRE at Eastwood Public School. Jason is married to Abigail and they have one daughter Hazel. Jason studied at Youthworks College completing his qualifications in 2011. Email: [email protected]

Contact: [email protected]

Anna Hoole

Anna is our office administrator for English ministry (Tuesdays). She assists the staff with services, rosters, events and database management.  In 2020, Anna will resign from this position, but will continue as a ministry trainee, working with the team on Wednesdays. Anna is married to Josh and attends our 6:30pm English service.

Contact: [email protected]

Suzanna O’Chee

Suzanna will begin in 2020 as a part time Children’s ministry assistant, helping Jason with the weekly children’s ministries at St Phil’s.  Suzanna attends our 9:30am English service along with her husband Milt and their 2 children.  Suzanna speaks English and Mandarin (and a few other languages).

Ningjia Wang

Ningjia assists in the day to day administration of the church. From 2020, she will be working in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.  Ningjia is involved with general administration duties but also assists specifically with the Mandarin ministries at St Phil’s.  Ningjia speaks Mandarin and English and attends our 5pm Mandarin service.

Contact: [email protected]

Tiff Haywood

Tiff is our office administrator for English ministries (Wednesdays and Thursdays).  She assists the staff with services, rosters, events and database management. She is also our graphics designer.  Tiff is married to Tim and attends our 6:30pm English service.

Contact: [email protected]