Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“My mum is a Christian and, when I was a little boy, she took me to church with her. That was 20 years ago and, back then, there was no Sunday school in China and there were very few young people or children at church. I was not interested in the boring sermons and singing at church. So instead I just slept. And I slept very well! 

After I entered middle school, I stopped going to church. At university, I studied hard but not all the time. I also had fun like other students. My major was Japanese Education and I was planning to go to Japan for further study after graduation but I didn’t end up going. I also wanted to go for post-graduate study but, due to my over-confidence in studying abroad, it was too late to prepare for the entrance examination. And God closed the door to becoming a teacher for me as well. The only choice for me was to look for a job where I could use my Japanese Education Degree. But I missed the best time and opportunity to find a job and it was more difficult than I imagined to find an appropriate job then. 

I started to humble myself and prayed to God for help. After a few failures and a long time waiting, I got an offer from Lenovo and I joined the Dalian centre to support Lenovo Japanese business. I feel thankful that God used such an amazing way to bring me back to Him and to humble me.

 God helped me to make everything prosper in my work, like he blessed Joseph in Genesis. I remembered many times that God helped me solve problems – he would give me inspiration and even show me in different ways that he was with me. I eventually returned to church and started to build my faith. I started reading the Bible cover-to-cover once a year from 2013– it’s the best book that I’ve ever read!

 In 2015, I applied for an Australian Working Holiday Visa and I felt that the Holy Spirit was calling me to Australia. My application went through smoothly and I left my family, my job for 8-years and a good salary behind. My parents thought this was a silly decision. You see, Australia is very far away to China and that it is an English speaking country. But I had faith in God, I believe that God prepares the way for us and I’ve been surprised at the extent to which he has always made sure that I’ve had everything I need in both China and Australia.

God is good and he always has a plan for us. No matter what kind of situation, just have faith in him.”

 Jeremiah 32:17

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”