Bruce StanleyTestimonies

 “I grew up in a Christian family and was happy to attend Sunday School and Youth Fellowship.

I started an apprenticeship and gradually rebelled against Christianity. My behaviour changed and I became absorbed in the culture of the world. I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that almost resulted in the loss of my leg. I was unable to return to work for sixteen months.

I resumed my previous lifestyle.

I heard an evangelist preaching the Gospel to lunchtime crowds in a city park. Of course, I understood the message, but ignored it. Then, one night after a pub-crawl in the city, I had a dream of intense loneliness and darkness. I realised that it was God calling me back to Himself 

I could no longer remain as I was; I could not ignore God’s warning. I gave my life back to God accepting His offer of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus.

My parents were overjoyed! I grew in faith under the wise and godly guidance of the senior minister. I formed many new friendships at church.

It was not easy explaining my faith and new life in Jesus to my workmates and friends but they accepted my decision. There was some opposition and derision, however there was also opportunity to share my faith in Jesus.

Eleven years later, I married Yvonne who came to our church as a widow with three little children. We added two more children to our family. Over the years we have had some very difficult times with our children but God brought us through these and blessed us with wise and loving Christian friends.” 

Lamentations 3:23

“Great is your faithfulness, Your mercies are new every morning”.