Bruce StanleyTestimonies

“I was always trying to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect Sunday School kid. In year 8, I started realising that my faith wasn’t my own. That year, I went on a camp and I had a meltdown, I was so sick of all the expectations of being the perfect “everything”. It didn’t really have anything to do with God and I was still going to church and youth group but I was angry at myself for letting all that happen, for getting sick of the expectations when that had always been what I did, so I didn’t really know who I was anymore.

Later on, I was having  another cry about it all, and one of my leaders asked me, “Do you even want to be a Christian?”. And I replied, “Yes, but…” and she immediately cut me off and said “Madi, God doesn’t need the ‘but’, He just needs the ‘yes’. And I thought to myself, oh, it’s just that easy. In that moment, all my expectations in myself, in my parents, washed away and I didn’t really care about what others thought as much. I just wanted to do the things I wanted to for God. And God in that moment didn’t change much of my circumstance but God really changed my heart, and that is the main thing I needed. So I want to encourage you  that if you’re sitting on the fence about Christianity, God just needs a “Yes”. That’s all He needs, He doesn’t need you to admit all your sins in the first second you decide to believe, He just needs a “Yes God”.”