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Associate Pastor's (Korean) Ministry Report

A summary of the Korean ministries at St Phil's in 2021

Joe Hong

March 3, 2022

Sunday Services
Our Korean congregation is experiencing many difficulties in church growth in the aftermath of multiple lockdowns due to COVID-19, which continued in 2021. Nevertheless, we are continuously conducting on-site and online worship. We've also launched free drum lessons to let the community know about our church community and to open the door to the local people. Many people from across countries and cultures are presently attending. We ask for your prayers and interest in Korean worship.

Monthly Prayer Meetings
Our monthly prayer meetings are a multicultural gathering with the purpose of praising and praying together as brothers and sisters in Christ, despite language and cultural differences. However, these prayer meetings were paused after March in 2021 due to the lockdown and continuing COVID restrictions but we plan to restart these gathering again after Easter. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Joe Hong
Associate Pastor (Korean)

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