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An update on COVID matters

A brief update on our COVID reporting procedures

Bruce Stanley

March 28, 2022

Dear church members,

We want to keep you updated on COVID matters without too much worrying.

We want to let you know that each week we are usually advised of a few people who have tested COVID-positive during the week. These people may have attended church gatherings or Sunday services whilst they were COVID-positive. When this happens, we try to advise any close contacts, without mentioning the name(s) of those who have tested positive.

Please be advised that this is now a usual and frequent occurrence. We do not want to send you emails every day about “another case”, but we do want you to know that, perhaps as we expect at this time in our community, there are regular COVID cases reported amongst most groups.

We continue to follow the government recommendations and guidelines and requirements for reporting. These change frequently but please be assured we are doing our best to do our best!

If you believe you may have been COVID-positive whilst attending a church gathering or service, it is helpful if you can let us know when, and who you may have been in close contact with. We will keep your name private but will simply encourage close contacts to monitor for symptoms and be tested if symptomatic. Please be assured if you have not been notified by the COVID-positive person or by a staff member directly, then you should NOT consider yourself to be a close or casual contact. It is now considered common practice to always monitor for symptoms and get tested as soon as possible if you develop symptoms.

Thank you for your care for one another during this time. It is wonderful as things are opening up again, but we know there are still many worries about the coming months in particular. Let's keep looking after each other and do our best to show our care.

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