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Prayer Book English Service

A modern prayer book service, with well known hymns and the Lord's Supper

Family English Service

A contemporary, family friendly service with a creche, kid’s & youth program.

Family Mandarin Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Mandarin, with an English speaking kid’s & youth program.

Cantonese Service

A service in Cantonese, with a friendly group of around 70 adults.

Korean Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Korean.

Modern Mandarin Service

A service mostly in Mandarin, with some English, especially for young adults whose main language is Mandarin, and second language is English.

Indonesian Service

A contemporary service in bahasa Indonesia.

Modern English Service

A contemporary evening service with modern music and worship band.


More information for our Thanks Giving appeal for September


Parish Council Update - August

News from our church parish council for August 2022

Bruce Stanley

August 9, 2022

Meeting details

Meeting conducted on-site in the Clanalpine Meeting room.

Present: Mike Lum, Darrel Causbrook, Chris Chandler, Amanda Haywood, Lee Beeston, Naomi Reichardt, Rev. Bruce Stanley (chair)

Apologies: Yvonne Hall, Chris Stretton, TseRuey Low, Harry Tjondro, David Mayes.

Next Parish Council meeting: Tuesday, September 13th at 8pm

Bible Reading

Acts 6:1-7 reminds us that we need to recognise the needs of the church and consider our strategy to use resources well, maintaining a focus on teaching God's word and caring for our communities. This helped lead us to our first and primary discussion for the evening...

2023-2025 strategy planning

Over the next three months, our Parish Council and staff team will be working on our planning for the next three years. As we consider the impact of Covid and the challenges ahead of us as a church family, we will be considering 5 major areas, assessing our strengths and weaknesses, developing strategies to address these and then implementing them. The 5 main areas we are assessing and evaluating are:

  • Missions - local and global,...
  • Ministry - congregations, children and youth, events,...
  • Multiplication - growth, site development, leadership,...
  • Membership - welcoming and integration,...
  • Magnification - Sunday services, prayer,...

Major Works

  • Ermington: After some more stump grinding on-site, and removal of some small shrubs that were causing some access and safety issues, the plans have moved ahead now to relocate the overhead power lines which should happen very soon. The playground deposit has been paid so commencement of construction will hopefully be soon.
  • Eastwood: Despite some delays, the toilets and access ramp are near completion. The ramp is now complete. Some final details, flooring, plumbing and certificates are required before an occupation certificate can be issued. Final fundraising is also underway now, over the next three months, to raise the final amounts needed for stage one completion of the detention tank and the car park. A working bee will be held soon to lay turf and synthetic grass in the new area adjacent. This will also include some repair and repainting of handrails and window frames of the older part of the adjacent building.
  • Bells: Approval from the Diocese has been given to proceed. We are now able to approach Ryde Council for DA approval


Our weekly giving continues with a slow increase and catch-up. We are currently at 93.7% of the budget, which leaves us behind $30,825 for the year to date. Thank you for your continued prayer and generous and thoughtful giving. It is making a difference. Whilst we are still a little behind for the year, we are catching up!

Details for online banking can be found on our website here: Giving page

Budget summary:
  • Income required:
    Year to date: $487,431
    Weekly: $15,973
  • Current offertory:
    Year to date: $456,607
    Weekly: $14,729
  • Shortfall: $30,825
    The current offertory is 93.7% of the budget

Thanks Giving 2022

Our Thanks Giving 2022 service will be held on September 4th this year. Last year $110,000 was given which has made a huge difference in ministry over these past twelve months. This year our aim is to raise $160,000 for missions, ministry, training and buildings. We encourage all members to consider prayerfully how they may be able to contribute to this work over the coming month.

Safe Ministry Policy

The Parish Council has adopted the recommended Safe Ministry Policy of the Diocese. This will be displayed in church building foyers and on our website. This policy promotes our commitment to ensuring our churches are safe places for all people, and that there are clear reporting procedures for anything that may be of concern.


The meeting finished in prayer at around 9:30 pm.

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