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Parish Council Update - November

News from our church parish council for November

Bruce Stanley

November 9, 2021

Meeting details

Meeting conducted on site and in person!

Present: Chris Stretton, Mike Lum, Andy Feng, Chris Chandler, Amanda Haywood, Lee Beeston, Darrel Causbrook, David Mayes, Naomi Reichardt, Matthew Lee, Rev. Bruce Stanley (chair), Rev. Greg Burke (guest)

Apologies: Yvonne Hall

Next Parish Council meeting: Tuesday, December 14 at 8pm.

Bible Reading

We read 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24 and were reminded in changing times like this, we are to be devoted in prayer, in love, rejoicing and giving thanks in all circumstances. There are many challenges behind and ahead, yet God is sovereign and powerful and his plans never fail. Verse 24: "The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it."

Major Works

  • Ermington: Rectory renovations are now complete. Many thanks to David Mayes (architect and project manager) and to the many who assisted throughout the works, restringing clothes lines, fixing gardens, building cupboards and kitchens, as well as praying and giving for this work. We praise God for you! Total cost of works: $169,000.
  • Eastwood: Construction of an access ramp and toilet block is now underway. Expected completion February. Total cost: $243,000.
  • Bells: Still awaiting advice from Ryde Council and undergoing lodgement process.
  • Solar panels: We continue to be on track for a grant to fully fund the installation of a 24kW solar panel system on the War Memorial Hall roof. We await outcomes. The grant amount applied for is $11,000.
  • Outdoor stage area: planning to be built first week of December.

Return to onsite services!

We are excited to be back onsite for services and ministries now! Services began at Eastwood on October 31 with around 75-80% attendance. Services resumed at Ermington last Sunday, November 7, including a new Summer time Church service at 10am with over 20 people attending, including newcomers. Praise God for the opportunity to gather together in person. There are many adjustments to make and some of these will require patience and grace as we bring back our ministries and also our community tenants. Please contact the wardens if you are aware of any issues that may need addressing on site as we resume.

COVID Update

From this week, one further change is that the capacity of our buildings increases to 1 person per 2 square metres, and singing will be allowed for fully vaccinated people. Masks continue to remain a requirement whilst indoors.

More information and updates on our website here.

We continue to also pray for those still unable to join us for many possible reasons at this time, and for those who may be finding the adjustments difficult.


Please pray as we resume on site, that our giving might stabilise. We are currently still not quite reaching the monthly budgeted income. Although our shortfall is small, we do pray that we might see an upward turn over the final months of the year, especially as overall costs will increase coming into the new year. Our church members have shown such great generosity over this year. Our shortfall reflects not a lack of generosity, but rather the turbulence of the year we have faced. A loss of cash giving, increased costs during COVID, and other challenges, expect a momentary shortfall. Of course, this is nothing that cannot be addressed with prayer, as well as careful, thoughtful budget revisions, which are underway. As we approach our December Parish Council, we will be hoping to finalise the budget for the year ahead. Please continue to pray for wisdom and God's guidance as always.

Budget summary:

  • Income required:
    Yearly: $625,069
    Weekly: $14,206
  • Current offertory:
    Yearly: $596,856
    Weekly: $13,565
  • Shortfall: $28,213
    Current Offertory is 95.5% of the budget
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