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Prayer Book English Service

A modern prayer book service, with well known hymns and the Lord's Supper

Family English Service

A contemporary, family friendly service with a creche, kid’s & youth program.

Family Mandarin Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Mandarin, with an English speaking kid’s & youth program.

Cantonese Service

A service in Cantonese, with a friendly group of around 70 adults.

Korean Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Korean.

Modern Mandarin Service

A service mostly in Mandarin, with some English, especially for young adults whose main language is Mandarin, and second language is English.

Indonesian Service

A contemporary service in bahasa Indonesia.

Modern English Service

A contemporary evening service with modern music and worship band.



What's coming up at St Phil's

Clean Up Day

Making St Phil's a welcoming place to be by gardening, repairing and cleaning up our buildings and grounds

Jun 21, 2024

10:00 PM

Belong Morning Tea

A Special Morning Tea following the 8am Service. All invited.

Jun 29, 2024

11:00 PM

War Room: Evangelism focused prayer meeting

A monthly evangelism focused prayer meeting

Jul 5, 2024

11:00 PM

Vacation Kids Plus 2024

A July School Holidays Program that runs 17, 18, 19 July from 9am-12:30 for Children in Preschool and Primary School

Jul 16, 2024

11:00 PM

Belong Lunch

A Special Lunch following the 9:30 am family Vacation Kids Plus (VKP) service. Games for all the kids as well!

Jul 21, 2024

12:30 AM

Past events

June 16, 2024

Belong Dinner and Board Games Night

All invited to stay for soup and bread rolls after the Service. Board game fun as well.

June 14, 2024

Missions Prayer Meeting

Praying for our mission partners locally and overseas

April 19, 2024

KYCK 2024

KYCK is an annual youth weekend away St Phil's attends in the April School Holidays. Amplify Youth will be going up to KYCK on the 19th-21st April, and is open to anyone who is in high school (Year 7-12)

April 13, 2024

Fiji Fundraiser: Trivia Night

Claudia Keith from the 6.30pm service is hosting a trivia night to raise funds for her Youthworks ministry gap year. Come along and show your support!

March 31, 2024

Easter Sunday Evening Service

A modern Easter Sunday service with the Lord's supper, celebratory music, and followed by supper.

March 30, 2024

Easter Sunday Family Service

A modern Easter Sunday family service with Lord's Supper

March 30, 2024

Easter Sunday Prayer Book Service

A celebratory Easter Sunday Lord's Supper Prayer Book Service

March 28, 2024

Good Friday Family Service

A modern, family- friendly Good Friday service

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