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The Dawn of Salvation

  1. Singing the Lord's song with Mary
  2. Singing Salvation's Song with Simeon
  3. John: Preparing for the Saviour


  1. Wisdom: How to live and die - Part 1
  2. Wisdom: How to live and die - Part 2


Peace, Joy, Love & Faith

  1. Christmas Peace
  2. Repeat the sounding joy!
  3. Delivery of Deliverance
  4. God with us


Faith that works

  1. Faith and works
  2. When the going gets tough...
  3. The power of the tongue
  4. The Problem with Pride
  5. What really matters?


Trusting God in difficult days

  1. Jesus: Prophet, Priest and King
  2. The day of small things
  3. Who can do God's work?
  4. Strengthen your hands
  5. Sheep, shepherds and Saviour
  6. The day of the Lord

Psalms 1 & 2

The Blessed and the Royal

  1. Keys to the happy life
  2. Loyalty to the true King

2 Thessalonians

Waiting for the Return of Jesus

  1. What are you worth?
  2. The wall is failing; the world is falling
  3. Strengthened in Hope
  4. Labouring with love


Broken people, faithful God

  1. Joshua and the Judges
  2. Othniel and Ehud (…and Shamgar)
  3. Deborah: The Gift of Courage
  4. Gideon
  5. Jephthah
  6. Samson


  1. Suffering on God’s side
  2. Christ-Centred Suffering: to the Glory of God

2 Corinthians

Perfect in Weakness

  1. Comfort
  2. Do Not Lose Heart
  3. Reconciliation Guaranteed
  4. Open Hearts
  5. Generosity
  6. Suffering
  7. Strength in Weakness
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