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Prayer Book English Service

A modern prayer book service, with well known hymns and the Lord's Supper

Family English Service

A contemporary, family friendly service with a creche, kid’s & youth program.

Family Mandarin Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Mandarin, with an English speaking kid’s & youth program.

Cantonese Service

A service in Cantonese, with a friendly group of around 70 adults.

Korean Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Korean.

Modern Mandarin Service

A service mostly in Mandarin, with some English, especially for young adults whose main language is Mandarin, and second language is English.

Indonesian Service

A contemporary service in bahasa Indonesia.

Modern English Service

A contemporary evening service with modern music and worship band.


More information for our Thanks Giving appeal for September

Korean Service

A contemporary, family friendly service in Korean.

Sundays, 11am

War Memorial Hall

Watch Livestream

A contemporary, family friendly service in Korean. Joining together afterwards for morning tea with the Cantonese speaking service. A small service which began in December 2019.


This is a Korean service in our church, st philip eastwood anglican church. Our church is an evangelical church that worships together transcending culture and language with one heart in the grace of the cross of Jesus Christ, the head of the church.

Colossians 1:28 “For we preach him and urge every man, and teach every man with all wisdom, that we may make each man perfect in Christ.

Our Korean worship service is one of our church's multilingual worship services. Our church is one of five languages ​​of worship in English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Indonesian, and Korean.

Our church is a church with a dual direction and purpose of ministry that spreads local evangelization and Christ's love to a wide area, starting with Eastwood and Ermington, especially serving Koreans and serving the Australian land as Koreans.


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