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AGM March 12 2023

Report for our Annual General Meeting for 2023

Bruce Stanley

March 12, 2023

Meeting details

Meeting conducted in the War Memorial Hall was chaired by the Rector, Rev Bruce Stanley.


The meeting opened in prayer at 12:35 pm.

Our AGM was held yesterday at our Eastwood site. With nearly 70 people in attendance, it was a wonderful time to reflect on what God has done and how he has continued to use and strengthen us for his purposes.


Reports were tabled for the wardens, Rector, staff and ministry leaders.

2022 Annual Ministry Reports

The wardens also presented a verbal report, calling attention to the exciting site building work ahead at Ermington and Eastwood - including a car park and detention tank at Eastwood and a shade shelter and other landscaping and wider improvements at Ermington.

Mike Lum presented the financial report, reflecting on the past year. Total receipts were over 1.4 million this year, including 97% of budgeted giving being reached and over $250,000 towards building work, over $55,000 to missions, not including personal missions giving, as well as more than $50,000 towards missions such as Compassion Australia.

The budget was also tabled, noting that we are seeking a 12% increase in offertories over this year. There is an opportunity for members to give more as they are able, but also an invitation to new members to financially support the work of the Church.

The Rector also presented a report, encouraging us to focus on the year ahead and the opportunities for evangelism, and to be prepared to be surprised again by our great God!


All office positions were filled on the day and we are thankful to God for those willing to stand and serve in these ways. Please uphold them in prayer.


  • Mike Lum (Rector's Appointment)
  • Chris Stretton
  • Lee Beeston

Parish Council

  • Darrel Causbrook
  • Yvonne Hall
  • David Mayes
  • TseRuey Low
  • Chris Chandler
  • Naomi Reichardt
  • Michael Gold (Rector's Appointment)
  • Amanda Haywood (Rector's Appointment)


  • Chris Adams

Parish Nominators

  • Chris Stretton
  • Karen Moore
  • Rose Shum
  • Allan Beeston
  • TseRuey Low

Synod Representatives (3 year term)

  • Chris Stretton
  • Jenny Pullen

Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday 14th March 2023, at 8 pm. Any correspondence or questions can be directed to the secretary, Mike Lum:


The meeting closed in prayer at 1:33 pm, noting that this was 2 minutes under the estimated hour...

Helpful graphs for 2022 and 2023:

Revenue 2022 vs 2021
Expenditure 2022 vs 2021
Budget expenditure 2023
Budget Revenue 2023
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